# Guidelines

Improve the experience with Hyperion by following a rule set

# Priority Guidelines

The possibilities of priorities mixing and using is endless. But where are a lot of possibilities you require also some guidelines to reduce confusion on user and developer side and to get the best matching experience possible.

The user expects, that an Effect or Color should be higher in priority than capturing as you usually run them from remotes and not all time. While we have different capture/input methods, we follow also a specific priority chain to make sure that it fit's the most use cases out of the box.

Type Priority/Range Recommended Comment
Boot Effect/Color 0 - Blocked
Web Configuration 1 -
Remote Control 2-99 50 Set effect/color/single image
Image Streaming 100-199 150 For image streams (Flatbuffer/Protobuffer)
Boblight 201 -
USB Capture 240 -
Platform Capture 250 -
Background Effect/Color 254 -
Reserved 255 -