# Configuration

Hyperion is fully configurable via web browser. The interface is fully responsive and created with touch devices in mind.

# Web Configuration

Open the web configuration by typing the IP address of your device and the port 8090 in your browser. The installation script will show you the address, if you don't know it.

# Dashboard

Hyperion Web Configuration - Dashboard
Hyperion Web Configuration - Dashboard

Top right navbar

  • Camera - You want to record your browser window? It is possible.
  • Moon - Dark Mode.
  • Arrows - Switch between different LED hardware instances (If multiple are available)
  • TV - Live led visualization
  • Magic wand - Wizards that guide you through color calibration and more
  • Wrench - Settings for language selection, settings level, logout, ...

Left sidebar

  • Dashboard - Yes, here we are.
  • Configuration - All available settings
  • Remote Control - Control Hyperion like any other Hyperion remote application
  • Effects Configurator - Create new effects based on effect templates
  • Support - Where you get support and how to support us (and why)
  • System - Inspect your log messages, upload a report for support, credits page, etc


  • The Information panel shows some important/useful informations. With a small smart access area with important actions.
  • The Component status shows always the latest state (enabled/disabled) of the components

Hashtag navigation

The web configuration supports hashtags for sitenames, so you could directly open a specific page by calling the hashtag. Example: - will open the remote control page.

# Configuration

We added additional information(s) to each option. Some topics require additional attention which are covered here. If you need more help or something lacks of infos, just dive into our Forum.

# Language

By default, the web configuration selects the language based on your browser locale or best matching next to. So no configuration is required. In case you want to start learning Hyperion in another language, select from the provided once.

Hyperion Web Configuration - Language
Hyperion Web Configuration - Language

Want to contribute in translation?

It's easy! Checkout: POEditor (opens new window)

# Settings level

Settings level prevents a option flooding for new users. While the Default level is for beginners and has the lowest amount of options the Advanced is for people that want to or need to dive a little deeper. Expert is for experts, you shouldn't need it that often.

Hyperion Web Configuration - Settings level
Hyperion Web Configuration - Settings level